Writing and Anti-Plagiarism Resources

Writing and Anti-Plagiarism Resources

Writing Resources

Online Writing Lab (OWL) – This resource was developed to help students improve writing skills and knowledge. Courses available allow for self-paced learning and include engaging content and interactive exercises. Citation & Referencing

Anti-Plagiarism Resources

Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial – This resource allows students to recognize and avoid plagiarism.

Copyright & Avoiding Plagiarism – This Excelsior College Library resource provides a wealth of useful information on avoiding plagiarism, copyright, fair use and links to free writing resources.

Turnitin Student Training – This resource provides tutorials that walk student through the use of Turnitin and how to interpret their results.

I Completed My Assignment — Now What? – This resource takes students through the process from assignment completion through Turnitin submission and Originality Report review.

Reading and Understanding Turnitin Originality Reports – This presentation covers how to read and understand Turnitin Originality Reports. It will take about 15 minutes.

Responding to Originality Reports – This resource will guide students in understanding how to respond to their Turnitin report and outlines what constitutes sound academic practice in relation to use of source material in academic work.