Password Help

Retrieve Password

Can’t remember your password? Do the following: 

  1. Go to the MyExcelsior login screen.
  2. Click on the words “Login Help”.
  3. On the Login Help screen, enter the first and last name you used to create your account.
  4. Select the Continue button.
  5. Enter the required identification information, then choose either:

    a. “Get Username or Reset Password” button to retrieve your password immediately
    b. “To receive your Password via email” option, and enter an email address to which we can send your password within 2 hours.

Change Password

Change your password and edit other profile information and preferences using My Profile:

  1. Log in to MyExcelsior.
  2. Go My Details.
  3. In the My Profile section select the profile edit link.
  4. Within the My Profile edit screen scroll down to “Change your password and secret question.”
  5. Enter your current password and then enter your new password twice. Mouse over the purple question mark symbol for password requirements.
  6. Create a secret question and answer which we will use as a security precaution during a password recovery request.
  7. Select the Continue button until you receive a message that your profile has been successfully updated.